About Barrack Hill

Barrack Hill is committed to high quality, cost -effective solutions that meet our clients' budgets and needs

Barrack Hill is committed to high quality, cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ budgets and needs.

Barrack Hill through its Quarries supply a wide range of aggregates to the construction, civil, agricultural and renewable energy industry throughout Northern Ireland.

We can customise our solutions to ensure they meet your design requirements. Are cost effective, and accommodating to your site conditions.

At Barrack Hill, we have a long history of meeting our customers’ needs. Both with the quality of or aggregates, and the efficiency and reliability of our delivery. With capabilities in excess of 8000 Tonnes per day. This has proven to be the foundation of our success.

We are also a key player in the Heavy Haulage industry moving upwards of 1000 pieces of Heavy Equipment each year with a capacity of up to 150tonnes. With our up to date equipment and ability to deliver to clients across UK and Ireland, it has established Barrack Hill as a valuable and reliable partner.

At Barrack Hill, we promise to perform whilst striving to exceed customer expectations as we are constantly improving our service.